2021 First Quarter Newsletter

Dear neighbors,

Welcome to our first of what we plan to be quarterly newsletters. One of our goals this year is to enhance communications. You can expect more messages via email, social media and everyone’s favorite, the sandwich board! If you know a neighbor who is not connected to our mailing list, please forward them this email or point them to the website.

While the pandemic has up-ended life as we knew it, it also was an important reminder of how communities can work together to stay safe, connected, and supported … even when we have to keep our distance. As we look to brighter days ahead, we hope you’ll continue to stay safe and check in on each other.

Don Burgess, GSCA Board President


While it’s still not safe for us to do the usual social events, we can still enjoy convenient, delicious food! That’s why the social committee is aiming to organize a monthly food truck event! Read the details below for our March event.
Bikini Panini!
Friday, March 26
5:30 – 7:30 at 11850 Bollingbrook Drive

Pre-ordering begins at 10:00 am that morning. Orders can also be placed at the truck window with their contactless Point of Sale Reader.

Check out the menu and place your pickup order here: 


The neighborhood yard sale is returning this Spring on April 24. Start cleaning out your closets and stay tuned for more details …


One of our main goals for 2021 is to open up communications between the board and the neighbors in order to strengthen our connections and work together on keeping Stonehenge the wonderful neighborhood it is.

So, we’ve created a suggestion box, where you can anonymously submit ideas, suggestions and questions. In our next newsletter, we’ll share what was submitted, and do our best to provide responses.

Add your thoughts to the suggestion box here.

We’ve also made an easy form for those of you are who are interested in volunteering through the GSCA. We’re ALWAYS looking for new folks to help out and lend a hand with whatever amount of time they can give, and in the area that interests them most.

To submit a Volunteer Interest Form, just click here.


A letter is on the way, but you can submit your dues now securely on the GSCA website.

Click here now to pay your dues ahead of the April 1 deadline.

 Neighborhood kids of all ages had fun hitting the “Stonehenge Slopes” during the January 31 snowfall.