Voting is Now Open for the Holiday House Decorating Contest!

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a tour of the neighborhood to see all the beautiful decorations and choose your top picks from the entries below. 

Cast Your Ballot Here.
2020 Entries & Nominations

313 Bollingbrook Court
11921 Bollingbrook Drive
11330 Bondurant Drive
11610 Bondurant Drive
202 Hazelmere Drive
230 Hazelmere Drive
11730 Hazleton Drive
11205 Hixson Court
11521 Rexmoor Drive

11911 Bollingbrook Drive
11400 Bondurant Drive
11810 Bondurant Drive
12031 Bromwich Drive
11720 Hazleton Drive
11206 Hixson Court
230 Hixson Drive
11300 Old Lewiston Road

See the list on Google Maps.
A few reminders …

This time around we’ll have two categories:
Turn up the Bing Crosby and enjoy the wreaths, candles, and garland
 Clark Griswold would be jealous
 Neighborhood voting will be from 12/14-12/20 and the popular vote wins. 

Winners will be announced the week of December 21. 
1st Place $50 Visa gift card 
2nd Place $25 Visa gift card